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Why Us

Competitive Market Price:

The whole production process is made In House. This allows us to provide Unbeatable prices for Top Quality Uniforms.

Short Notice And Same Day Delivery:

We process orders very quickly. Same Day Delivery is available for regular items from our catalogue, subject to terms & conditions.

Decorative Support:

Our team of highly skilled designers will ensure you make the right choice of garment and customisation. We make sure your Logo will be as elegant as possible.

The Live! Concept:

Immerse yourselves in our Live! retail showroom, where anything can be embroidered on the Spot, from Caps & Hats to T-shirts, Polo Shirts & Hoodies.

Top Quality Garments:

We ensure the best quality garments. All catalogue products meet OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

Embroidery Specialists:

Our years of experience in the embroidery field reflect in our top quality and precise embroidery. We are very generous with stitch count and embroidery positions.

Customer Satisfaction:

We commit to customer needs to guarantee every order is as per their expectations. Assistance to our customers starts from the meeting point until after-sales service.

24/7 Orders

We are here 24/7 to receive your orders. Just get in touch or leave a message on our website!

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29 Ermou Street, Shop 3,
6023, Larnaca, Cyprus